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Rib Candy Apple Cherry Habanero

Rib Candy Apple Cherry Habanero

17 oz NET WT.

Among all our flavors Apple Cherry Habanero Rib Candy™ is at the top of the charts. There is a reason it is so popular, the blend of the two fruits and the heat of the habaneros is spectacular! Just ask Matt Pittman, owner of Meat Church™. It is his favorite.

Is Rib Candy only for ribs?

Heck no!

This product can stand on its own, meaning no meat is required to make the flavors pop.

It is a habanero sauce that can be used as a dipping sauce or even as a flavor additive to a cake mix or frosting. There are no limits to the use of our Rib Candy.

If you insist on using it for ribs or pork, here is a simple crockpot recipe you can do any day of the week.

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