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Pit Boss Insulated Blanket - 800 Units

Pit Boss Insulated Blanket - 800 Units

Get weather protection and grill no matter the season with an Insulation Blanket. The thermal blanket provides a warm buffer and helping to protect from elements like snow and rain while you grill. This blanket helps to ensure consistent temperatures in extremely cold conditions. The insulated blanket also ensures you don’t waste pellets when the weather gets cold, so your grill runs at peak efficiency.

Compatible Units: PB820D PB820D2, PB820D3, PB820FBC3, PB820ME, PB820SP, PB820SC, PB850G, PB820PS1, PB850PS2 (only with chimney grills – no back vent)


Great for rain, snow, or shine.

Eliminates excessive pellet waste due to outside temperatures.

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