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Pit Boss 14in Cast Iron Deep Skillet w/Lid

Pit Boss 14in Cast Iron Deep Skillet w/Lid

The 14” Deep Skillet has a 14” diameter and can hold 7 quarts. It’s the perfect choice for making deep dish pizza, frying crispy chicken, or making a family-sized apple pie. The lid of the 14” Deep Skillet works to seal in moisture during cooking or doubles as a secondary skillet and griddle for classic family recipes like pancakes or scrambled eggs. The free 12” Standard Skillet, included with the set, has the same easy-to-grip extra-long handle, hanging hooks, and wide-lip pouring spouts. In addition, it can hold 8.5 cups of liquid, four large chicken breasts, or three ribeye steaks.


Care Instructions: Rinse the cast iron with water only. Dry well. Season whenever the bottom starts to lose its well-oiled shine.

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